CRDL Coaching & Summit Scholars come together to talk about the Gap Year to parents of teens this Tuesday at 12 noon!

Intelligent Office will host a NEW Seminar on the ever more popular Gap Year!  Preparing your teen for the prime of their life? Give them the gift of PRIME! Give them the tools and skills to help them make strong decisions and put them on the path for success in their life. Learn all about the pros and cons of the gap year; experiential education, self-exploration, internships, programs, costs and more. Is it right for the teen in your life? Join experienced and credentialed Transformational Business and Life Coach Adina Morris of CRDL Coaching and Academic Advisor Priscilla O’Neill of Summit Scholars. Learn more about the Gap Year at this free seminar! Contact Adina at 248-783-6926 or Priscilla at 800-721-0480 for more information.  Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 12 pm

Intelligent Office 900 Wilshire Dr, Suite 202 Troy, MI 48084




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