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Personal Leadership and Life Coaching

We work together to access your resources, discover your talents, allow your creativity to flow, and develop yourself as the leader of your own life, living the values and beliefs you hold dear.

Life is a series of transitions. At each stage we make choices bringing about transformation of the new and improved self. As adults we go through numerous transitions in our lifetime. From adolescence to young adulthood, we take our first tentative step out into the world. We observe the multitude of opportunities available to us simultaneously. Career, peer and familial relationships, dating, marriage and finding our purpose and ocean sunset photomeaning in the life we create.

As we move through adulthood, at each stage and phase we meet, there are crossroads before us. Which way to turn? Left, right, straight, around, uphill or down? Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or even paralyzed by the many choices before us.

Taking time to look around with the support of a trained and certified life coach, it is possible to tap into core beliefs when we absorb the surroundings, noticing the opportunities, being aware of the pitfalls and Niagara Falls Photorecognizing what our passion is. When we access this deep center of ourselves, choices slowly come into focus, clarity has formed, our path becomes apparent and now we can move forward with confidence creating transformation through our transitions.

Whether just embarking on your next stage of life, or amidst your journey, many opportunities await you! As a trained and experienced life coach, Adina can help you co-create a successful plan for how to achieve YOUR envisioned future. Coaching gives support and encouragement throughout the process; offering active listening, reflecting, powerful questioning and accountability leading to sustainable transformation.

Having coined the term

CRDL Coach:  Career     Relationship     Dating     Life

Adina recognizes how each of the CRDL aspects are interconnected and are crucially important to be aware of when creating the life you want.

Adina has the unique blend of experience, warmth and passion for helpingwaterfall photo the individual navigate the sometimes challenging and daunting tasks and situations, such as: career choices, peer and familial relationships, dating and marriage. As a CRDL Coach, Adina cares for you as her client, seeking out what drives YOU as an individual, supporting YOU in discovering YOUR passion for life, clarifying YOUR goals, and encouraging you to successfully achieve your fullest potential.

Are you ready to fully engage yourself, jump into the next adventure of your life and bring about sustainable transformation?  Call or email Adina Morris of CRDL Coaching for a free, personalized half hour discovery session at 248-or [email protected] and experience it in action.

You owe it to yourself and your future! This is your shining moment. Go for it!

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