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I began to ask Adina for help as I started the process of choosing an appropriate seminary and college. Adina’s constant direction provided me with the information I needed to choose the perfect seminary and college of my choice. Upon my return from seminary, Adina helped me adjust back into life and prepare for college. Additionally, she helped me make my decision to stay in my current college, which was the best decision I ever made. As I entered the dating segment of life, I naturally turned to Adina for assistance. She did an excellent job in preparing me for marriage. Thankfully, Adina’s support did not end at my wedding. I still call her several times a month with different questions or concerns I have about marriage. Adina has an amazing breadth of knowledge and knows how to connect with the people she is talking to. She is a vivacious, warm, caring, and kind-hearted person who will do anything to help someone. I know she is going to make an amazing life-coach because I have benefited from her guidance for many years.  – Eli

Adina Morris probably made the biggest impact in my life during my single years. She always made time for me when I needed to speak to her. She spent countless hours listening to me, guiding me and helping me identify what was bothering me and how to push through it. Her hands on approach and ability to see beyond my narrow vision allowed me to progress in my dating relationships and feel secure in the decisions I made. Now that I’ve passed the hurdle of dating and am married, I still call her and ask her for her insight and feedback. I always say, she made a difficult period in life more tolerable. Anyone that is able to work with Adina Morris is beyond lucky. – SRN

Adina Morris was an invaluable resource for me while I was dating. Adina was able to understand me as an individual and knew where I stood philosophically and spiritually in order to guide me appropriately through the dating process. Based on her experience she was able to foresee potential issues in relationships and she outlined characteristics that were important for me, specifically, in order to build a healthy and successful marriage. I was fortunate to have her guide me through this chapter in my life.  – Mrs.G

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