Change vs Transition

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How do YOU perceive change?

Change can be a difficult word. Change can be good. Change can be perceived as bad. But mostly, change is unknown. When something is unknown it can invoke feelings of fear and anxiety. Change can make you feel as if things are out of your control.

Transitions. Transition is a form of change, yet somehow doesn’t invoke quite the same set of fear as change. Transitions invoke a feeling of fluid movement. Transitions take you on a journey from one place to another with opportunity at every corner. Yes, there is still the unknown before you. Yet with transitions, you have greater perceived control over your transition.

If you take the time to look, you will notice transitions are everywhere in your everyday life: Graduating school, starting college, having a roommate, getting your first job, starting to date, getting your own apartment, getting married, having a child, life cycle events, promotion at work, new boss, becoming the boss, opening your own business, changing careers, going back to school, preparing for holidays, holidays, returning from holidays, preparing for vacation, being on vacation, returning from vacation, and the list goes on….

Where are your life transitions? How are you taking opportunity and control of your transitions today?