Have you ever lost your focus?

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INSIGHT OUT By Adina Morris

Does it ever happen to you that you are so entrenched in your everyday that you forget about some of the larger goals you set for yourself? Sometimes it is just the busyness of life and sometimes it’s the loss of your inspiration and drive. 

I have been guilty of both this summer. I had great plans for working on my blog and my book and taking more coaching skills courses. Alas, I have done little of any of those since June and here we are past mid July! 

As you may have noticed, I haven’t sent out a recent blog in a bit. My apologies for not reaching out to you sooner. I think I was busy with my everyday, as most people are. However, I think it was more than that. I think I lost a bit of my inspiration and therefore could not find anything of value to me to write about. 

Ironically, I have been accepted as a featured blogger for a site, Times of Israel, after I submitted my initial piece to them! You would think that would have been inspiration enough to get me going! Unfortunately I think the opposite happened. I froze. Writer’s block at its worst! 

I am not sure exactly why I froze, however, I have noticed that I am back in the game this week. Perhaps it is because Monday was July 15 and I finally woke up that half the summer was gone! I am glad to have my drive back, however, I was saddened by the fact that I got so waylaid and wasted so much time. Now don’t get me wrong, I have been knee deep with ensuring a fun and productive summer for my family! I just had left little time for developing me.

It reminds me of a famous parable about a poor man who leaves his home for a far off land for three months in pursuit of making a fortune to bring back to his struggling family. When he reaches the land he is so taken by all that the new place has to offer, he forgets about his focus of seeking a way to provide for his family. It is only two months later, when he receives a letter from home asking about his welfare, that he remembers his purpose of coming to the land. He feels a tremendous sense of regret for all of his wasted time, as he only has one month left to spend in the land before being required to return home. However, he doesn’t stay with his despair. He decides right then and there that he is determined not to return home empty handed. He will work most diligently to make the most of the last month that he has in the land and bring home whatever he can to his family. It will not be as much as it could have been, true, however, he will grab all he can today going forward.

This summer was my far off land and July 15 was a letter from Hashem reminding me of my focus. As I discussed my predicament with my husband, he asked me such a simple question, yet was so profound to me. He asked where my goals were listed for this summer in order for me to see them and remember them, and if I put the mini goals into my calendar to ensure they happen? Well, now I am embarrassed. This is what I do for a living! I help people clarify their goals, and co-create with them what their mini goals are and help them create a plan of action that will work for them to accomplish those goals! I am their accountability partner to ensure they stay on track!

Apparently, I forgot three crucial steps in my goal setting. 

1) I had not written them down for me to see and remember each day, so that I can continue to work towards them.

2) I did not create the mini goals I needed to accomplish the larger ones, nor did I put any actions into my calendar to make sure that I do what I said I would. 

3) Nor did I enlist my accountability partner to ensure I stay on track.

Ah, so here I am, like the man in the parable, with a heart full of regret. However, I too will respond like that intelligent gentleman and not get stuck in my inaction and waste! I too will pick myself up and inspire myself to make the most of the last few weeks of summer. So the first thing I did was put on my calendar to write my blog;) I also listed so many things that I wanted to do. However, you can’t eat an elephant all at once, rather you need to take one bite at a time. 

You are all my first delicious bite of inspiration! I am excited to be back on track!

If you have been like me, slightly off focus for your summer goals, have no fear! There is still time! Get yourself moving and make the most of the rest of your summer! And if you need help with clarifying your goals and creating a plan of action, well you know where to find me;)

Happy planning and accomplishing! #summergoals