Do You List Your Worries or Count Your Blessings?

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INSIGHT OUT By  Adina Morris D

So let me preface by stating, as I have before, that I am a huge list maker. My list making takes me places and keeps me moving.

My list making skills permeate multiple places in my life. I have lists of people that I daven for, I have a list of things I need to purchase, cook, clean, appointments I need to make…you get the picture.

It is in my list making where I sometimes find that I make a sub list. This sub list is what I would call my list of worries. I worry about so and so who is sick, needs a job, a shidduch, is having trouble with their relationships, marriage or are trying to have children. I worry about the teens who are struggling and the parents who run themselves ragged trying to help them.  There are so many people to worry about. I worry about all of the people in my inner circles and my own family members who struggle with those same challenges.

It can be easy to get lost in this sub list of worries and start to get pulled under by the current of strife and challenge, of hurt and pain, and of seemingly endless worry.

In this season of list making, I find that these lists can be quite long and daunting. Somehow preparing for any Yom Tov brings out the best and worst for many of us and the worries tend to intensify.

Today, however, brought me to a different kind of list making. It was one of those beautiful spring days that pull you outside and away from your work. As I walked my usual path I looked up at the blue skies and felt the warm spring air, and out of nowhere (perhaps out of a clear blue sky), I began to list my blessings. There were so many good things to be thankful for!

This list was not like my worry list that I run down and am run down with. This was a count up list, to lift me up. I felt so much lighter counting up my blessings, and way better than running down my list of worries.

Counting up my blessings doesn’t take away my worries, however, it does give me the strength to keep me moving forward through the challenges. It reminds me that not everything is bad and that things can and do change for the good, although not always as fast as I may like or the way I may want.

So as we wind down our lists of Pesach prep, remember to end on a high note and count up your blessings as you go along. It will brighten your mood and lighten your load.

Happy counting and a wonderful Yom Tov!