Are Your Moments Powerful? INSIGHT OUT By Adina Morris

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We think of many things when we think of the word powerful. People and animals can be physically powerful. Leaders, countries and companies can be powerful in their ability to control others. So what are powerful moments? Do you ever have any? And how can we make them more often?

The first night of Chanukah comes up as a powerful moment for me and my family. What makes it so powerful? I am not really quite sure, but somehow over the years, we created a few traditions especially for the first night, and we each anticipate them every year. But it is more than that; somehow on the first night it is magical. Everyone’s excitement and anticipation conquers all of the usual sibling rivalry and arguments. They are even nice to each other and sometimes buy gifts for one another! So how come this night is different from all other nights?

I believe that it is in the very fact that we create special traditions unique to our family that are highlighted on the first night of Chanukah and that the focus is on caring for each other and being together as a connected family. Now that doesn’t mean the fighting doesn’t pick up after the empty plates of Latkas and Applesauce are cleared. However, for that first hour or maybe even two if we are lucky, we all sit around together in a cozy bubble singing, dancing, eating and sharing. They are happy for each other, not jealous, as they help each other figure out their new gifts. The sharing of the kindling of lights together, as each one takes a turn to light their own Menorah somehow creates a pride and connection point for each of them. They share in their pride to be Torah Jews and their ability to light their own menorah, and for some, make their own menorah! There is a sense of belonging as a family as the menorahs are displayed as a family of Menorahs on the table. The glow of the lights all together are symbolic of the family unit’s strength and connection to their tradition.

This is what makes a powerful moment. It is when we take the time, care and put thought into our traditions. It is when we share them with our families and when we take the time out of our busy everyday lives to make these moments special and yes, powerful. Because at the end of the day, these are the moments that our children and grandchildren will remember. Sitting around together on that first night of Chanukah with a sense of peace and contentment. This is a powerful moment because we are elevated above our routine. It is precisely because it is out of the ordinary that makes it powerful.

So how can we have more powerful moments? Well, they wouldn’t be powerful anymore if they happened every day. But what we can do is ensure that those special firsts and the moments that break the routine, like holidays, Shabbos, family celebrations and vacations, can be infused with special traditions for our families that will keep them coming back each time with excitement and leaving with peace and joy in their hearts, looking forward to the next first. #powerfulmoments