What Are Your Summer Plans?

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So today is finally here! The last week in June is upon us!

All year I wait for this week to begin. You may be wondering, what is so special about this week?

Ah,and in there lies the rub. The last week of June is the real beginning of the summer season. Yes technically June 21st is the first day of summer (and my birthday!), but the real sense of excitement begins on the last week of June. What makes it most special is in fact its beginning. School is out, camp has begun and long weekend retreats are a thing of the present! The whole summer lies ahead! Warm summer days, relaxed atmospheres at work and home, planning fun activities and getaways with friends and family. There is magic in the air as the end of June rolls around and our plans begin to form.

Maybe to you it is camp, BBQ’s or a summer home away from home. Whatever summer means to you, it is all beginning this week. The beauty of beginnings is not only in a fresh start, but it is also in the knowledge that the whole summer lies ahead of you. It is just the first day, no rush, no hurry, just wonderful enjoyment of each and every minute.

Somehow once July 4th hits, it all goes by too quickly. The days start to get shorter, back to school sales pop up everywhere you look and visiting day is already next week!

What happened to summer? It’s on autopilot and no one knows where the breaks are!

This phenomenon happens with really every special occasion. We plan for months for life cycle events, celebrations and holidays. Then they zip by in a blink of an eye.

Summer is slightly different as the season last for more than a few weeks. And that may be how autopilot gets set into motion.

We get used to a new schedule of work and play. We have our “summer routine” and before we know it, we are planning for the Fall.

How do we gain back our summer before it slips away? How do we get it off of autopilot?

Sometimes all we have to do is hit the breaks and do a little planning!

A number of years ago my husband and I began planning a trip overseas for our 10th anniversary. We invested our energy, time and resources creating an itinerary, planning our transportation, accommodations, activities and visits. It took around five months to plan. As we were approaching the date of departure and we were getting more excited about our trip, someone mentioned to me that the best part of the trip is in the planning!

Now I kind of looked at her funny and said “what do you mean?” She went on to explain. When planning anything, you first research ideas, then you collect data and finally you decided where and when to go. You invests months of your time and resources creating what you think is the perfect plan. And it is! It’s perfect. Now fast forward to the actual trip, and it zips by in a quick 10 days. The trip is amazing, every minute of it! However, it only lasts for 10 days or so. You spent the last five months planning this trip for 10 days! All of the time spent planning can be as enjoyable as the trip primarily because of the anticipation of the amazing trip you will take.

Oh. So if I take the time to enjoy the planning of the trip, and therefore more mindful during the trip, it actually extends the life of the trip and therefore my enjoyment.

So what of summer you may ask?  This last week of June is just the beginning of the summer. We have so many ideas to enjoy the summer. Plan away and have fun as you go! It will maximize your enjoyment. You may have already spent the spring planning for the summer or maybe you are just getting started. However you work your summer, enjoy every moment. It does go by quickly, but if you break to enjoy the planning and are mindful during the actual activities, you will get much more out of it!

My apologies for leaving so abruptly, but I have some glorious planning to attend to:)